Monday, January 11, 2010


It's time for an adventure. It's time to get out of this Minnesota weather and head south. I'm packing up my life and moving to Austin, and I'm going to blog all about it. As i sit on my bed at my Parent's house writing this, I'm looking out my bedroom window at the snow covering the ground and thinking about all of my time here in the frozen tundra. All of the friends I've made, all of the adventures I've had, how much I'll miss my family, and it makes me sad. But then I think about the new adventure I'm about to have, all the new friends I will make, spending more time with my sister, and being happy!

I've discovered a lot in the last month since I've decided to move. saving money is easier than I thought, I have some of the best friends and family a girl could ask for, and I've actually made an impact on some people's lives. And while all of that is wonderful and would make some people very happy, I'm ready to live for me. I'm ready for my time to shine, and for my life to really get going. I've gotten too comfortable and complacent, and I'm ready to really LIVE!

So with just over a week to pack up all of the belongings I can fit in my car, say goodbye to everyone I love, and set out for bigger and better things, I'm finally starting to feel it. I'm starting to feel my feet getting wet, and I can't wait to start swimming in the proverbial ocean of life.

It's happening faster than I thought, but at a snail's pace. How is that even possible? Packing, cleaning, organizing and laundry are going to consume the next couple days, and then it's here, time to go. I guess this is where real life starts. It's where my journey here ends, and my new journey begins. It's time for an adventure.