Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fate. planning. packing.

It's all up to fate. And planning. And careful packing. No one ever tells you how much packing sucks until you're knee deep in boxes, clothes, hangers, and crap. I have paths all around my room and stuff everywhere. It doesn't help that there is a mountain of clean laundry to put away. I have neatly separated things into piles; what to move, what needs to be stored, what I'm selling, what's getting donated, and what goes straight to the garbage.

(My mountain of laundry on the bed.)

Turns out I am slightly a pack rat (or just lazy). But I keep weird things no one would ever need. I've found my collection of In Styles and Glamours, which are purged every time a move happens. There are old journals with one entry in them, books I need to read, and a nice stack of college textbooks. The weirdest things are plastic bags from Target, Gap, Anthropologie, and Charming Charlie, etc. and white plastic hangers. I must have a thousand hangers, why?

(Save or throw away?)

(Seriously hangers? There are still at least 50 hanging up still!)

I'm not lacking motivation to pack, I feel like I just did this. When I moved out of my apartment in September I planned on just grabbing everything I have and moving to a new apartment in the Twin Cities. I didn't think I would be consolidating everything into my car and driving to Texas. This is a little more challenging than I had anticipated. I'm just making the dent in my room, and I still have the whole garage to go through.

How is this all going to get done in a week? Especially with a trip to Grand Forks and Fargo this weekend. It's hard to know what I will need and want when I get there. Does every book and movie come? Will I need all of my dishes, Tupperware, and cookware? Who knows, I guess this is just all up to fate. And planning. And careful packing.

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  1. I'll take a few of those hangers off your hands if you want! You know how I love a white plastic hanger!