Saturday, February 13, 2010

busy, busy, busy

My goodness, where has time gone? Sorry I've been so slacky lately. I've been busy trying to find a job, and getting settled in my dining room/bedroom, and trying to become a TX resident (which is a lot harder than it sounds!). Also, I've been busy doing stuff! On the job front, I finally got one, yay! It's only a part time job at the service desk of a car dealership, but that's ok because that's less time to spend doing something else. So now I just need another part time job so I can actually pay my rent.

(My dining room/bedroom)

My bedroom (dining room) is coming together. I have pictures hanging on the walls and my clothes are organized, and only my shoes and some of my clothes are hanging in Kate's closet, and by some I mean all 35 of my dresses. Yes, I do have 35 dresses. It's a tight space, but we're making it work. I also discovered a really cool way to hang jewelry and scarfs.

(My awesome accessory corner)

Aside from spending time organizing my room, we've been doing stuff too. When mom was still here we took an afternoon trip to San Antonio to remember The Alamo and do the River Walk. It was fun to walk around and do a little shopping. We took the guided boat tour, and that was probably the highlight. That always turns out to be the best part of any trip. We've also eaten at some great places: The Kerbey Lane Cafe, Torchy's, Tacos #5, BJ's Brewhouse, Madame Mam's, Polvo's, Waterloo, One-2-One, and other awesome places. The food here is sooooooooo good!

(The Alamo, Torchy's and Kerbey Lane Cafe)
(Do you remember The Alamo? That will never get old!)

I'm also trying to drive around and get a feel for the city. I've only gotten lost a couple of times, but if I just keep driving eventually I get to where I need to go. The highways are a little confusing to figure out, because to get on them you have to go a round about way instead of just being there. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Also, the bridges are super high here, and I get a little scared driving on them. If only I could close my eyes!

(Freaking tall overpass)

So far things are going good. Everything is going smoothly, except getting Texas residency, but I have all of my paperwork now, so hopefully that will be resolved by Tuesday. It all still seems a little surreal, more like I'm on vacation with all of my stuff, but I'm sure once I get working that will change. Pray I can start on Tuesday. I can't believe it's been almost a month already. My goodness, where has time gone?

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  1. I like when you blog. You should do it more.
    Two weeks from tomorrow, I will BE THERE!